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Sermon: Transformation Explained

Paul of the New Testament talks about the reason we should engage in Spiritual Growth and one of the possible ways we can cultivate a growing faith. Listen in as I help apply Romans 12 to our lives.

Sermon: What the Prophets are Telling Us

The prophets of God are sent to hold up a mirror to society. In Isaiah 56 we hear how God views those who feel cut off from others. The Kingdom of God is different and better than the world we know. Oh and Jesus is in total agreement with Isaiah’s assessment.

Sermon: Leaving Security Behind

The events of Friday and Saturday in Chalottesville VA have overtaken our country. What is our response? What false securities do we hold on to? I try to answer those questions in this message.

Sermon: What to do?

How do we engage the world as citizens of the Kingdom of God? How we answer that actually matters. Pr. Ben has been wrestling with this question for a couple of weeks. By turning to scripture, Jesus points the way.

Sermon: Forgiveness: The Path Forward

Forgiveness isn’t forgetting but it is letting go. Sometimes that is a process. And sometimes God needs to remind us that it is good for us. Listen in and hear how Jacob and Esau (twin brothers) remind why forgiveness is important.

Sermon: 5 Things I Learned in Vacation Bible School

This week we hosted our annual Vacation Bible School. It was a wonderful week! Listen in and hear about the things we learned while I was at VBS!

Sermon: Thinking Differently About Sin

A change in perspective can lead to a change in behavior. When we understand what sin is and care- our lives change for the better.

Sermon: Plot Twists (Unexpected Jesus)

What does the movie “The Empire Strikes Back” and the hymn “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” have to do John the Baptist and unmet expectations? Listen in and find out about Biblical plot twists!

Sermon: The Escalation of Rhetoric

This past weeks event of violence near our nation’s capitol were not committed in a vaccum. We are seeing the fruits of years of incivility. Is there a way to change this trajectory? Yes. Words matter.

Sermon: When Welcome is More than Welcome

When we get to self-absorbed we have less patience for others. The remedy for that is to be a person of welcome. It may mean more than just saying hi to others…