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Sermon: Plot Twists (Unexpected Jesus)

What does the movie “The Empire Strikes Back” and the hymn “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” have to do John the Baptist and unmet expectations? Listen in and find out about Biblical plot twists!

Sermon: The Escalation of Rhetoric

This past weeks event of violence near our nation’s capitol were not committed in a vaccum. We are seeing the fruits of years of incivility. Is there a way to change this trajectory? Yes. Words matter.

Sermon: When Welcome is More than Welcome

When we get to self-absorbed we have less patience for others. The remedy for that is to be a person of welcome. It may mean more than just saying hi to others…

Sermon: Every Miracle has a Message- Pentecost

Today is Pentecost Sunday. The day the Holy Spirit was given in a mighty way to the early church. But what does it mean for us in 2017? Listen in and find out.

Sermon: The Joy of Bethel: Generosity

We finish our sermon series on the joy of Bethel talking about generosity. Generous Giving is the highest commitment one can make but it also has the capacity to bring the most joy. Listen and discover why the culture tells us something different.

Sermon: The Joy of Bethel: Responding to Needs

What do you do with increased knowlege? You act on it! Knowledge is a means to an end. Listen and hear how to move from spiritual growth to acting in the world. And yes, another TV show theme song!

Sermon: The Joy of Bethel: Spiritual Growth

We take the next step with another TV show theme song. How do you increase the joy in your life? Spiritual Growth. It will change what you see and what your seek.

Sermon: Discipleship: Caring for Creation

On Saturday people gathered to remember the 47th Earth Day and advocate for science and scientists. What does this have to do with being Christian? Plenty. Long before Earth Day, God gave instructions for taking care of His “very good” creation.

Sermon: Easter- Listen to the Voice

Today is the most important day in Christianity: Easter! Jesus utters the most tender word ever spoken in scripture. Jesus is calling your name today- are you listening? (Bonus track at the end!) Happy Easter!