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Sermon: Discipleship: Caring for Creation

On Saturday people gathered to remember the 47th Earth Day and advocate for science and scientists. What does this have to do with being Christian? Plenty. Long before Earth Day, God gave instructions for taking care of His “very good” creation.

Sermon: Easter- Listen to the Voice

Today is the most important day in Christianity: Easter! Jesus utters the most tender word ever spoken in scripture. Jesus is calling your name today- are you listening? (Bonus track at the end!) Happy Easter!

Sermon: Palm Sunday- Behind the Scenes

We enter the most holy week of the year for Christians. It begins with Palm Sunday. There is so much going on behind the scenes as Jesus processes into Jerusalem. I try to unpack all that is happening that is not covered in the story. You might be surprised!

Sermon: Esther 8-10- We are Them

We finish the Esther sermon series. We wrap things up and learn a little about Purim too. There is a little twist at the end when we think about this story in the context of Jesus’ teaching on love.

Sermon: Esther 6&7- Methods Matter

We get to the pinnacle of the story! There is so much to learn: gratitude in the moment, arrogance and humility, hospitality and responding to needs!

Sermon: Esther 4&5- If Not You, Then Who?

Esther is challenged to get out of her bubble. At first she resists. This is a reminder that sometimes we need to get out of our bubble too. We are Queen Esther.

Sermon: Esther 3- Fact Checking

We continue on in the book of Esther where we find out that there is an executive order to kill all the Jews of Persia. Why? Because someone has an axe to grind and not because of any problems. What can learn from this? A lot.



Sermon: Esther 1&2- Character Revealed

We begin looking at the story of Esther. There is much to learn in this story and many parallels to our 21st century life. We begin in the first two chapters of Esther where the character of Esther and King Xerxes are revealed.

Sermon: Transfiguration as a Model of Spiritual Growth

The metamorphosis of Jesus on the mountain is shocking to the three disciples who witnessed it. However, there is a model for spiritual growth contained within the story. Listen and hear this story in a new way.

Sermon: Greatest Sermon Ever- Building a Life of Impact

We finish up looking at the Greatest Sermon Ever, the “Sermon on the Mount.” Jesus encourages those who hear these words to put them into practice. He likens it to building a house on a rock and not sand. I try to unpack what that actually means for us today.