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Sermon: 5 Things I Learned at Vacation Bible School (2018)

Today I talk a little bit about the challenges of our school to begin with. Amazingly enough, our Vacation Bible School theme reminds us that God cares and will help us.

Sermon: David: The Unlikely Move

Today we finish the series on King David’s early years. He makes an unlikely move that is unsavory. But there is good new for us! We will spend a little time on shame and guilt and how break free from it!

Sermon: David: The Unlikely Hero

We continue on in the series about King David’s early years. Most of us know the story of David and Goliath. However this old and well known story has something to say to us today.

Sermon: David: The Unlikely Choice

We begin a new sermon series on the early life of King David (before he was king). There are many things to learn from the life of David. We begin with God’s unlikely choice of David as future king.

Sermon: Jesus is the Key to Our Humanity

It is Holy Trinity Sunday but what does that have to do with ever increasing lack of humanity in our world. A lot actually. However, we must turn to the person of the Trinity that came to us to understand this. Yes, it is about Jesus.

Sermon: The Ascension of Jesus: Boring or Amazing?

At the end of the season of Easter we remember the ascension of Jesus. Compared to the resurection this might seem a little boring. However there is a message for all of us in this last encounter of Jesus.

Sermon: A Tour of God’s House: Generosity

We finish our tour of God’s house and we go to where generosity is expressed and received! Generosity in giving is often the last step in spiritual maturity.

Sermon: A Tour of God’s House: The Linen Closet

We continue the tour of God’s House. We go back to the lobby– the narthex as a place of movement and where we marshall our forces! Time to elevate!

Sermon: A Tour of God’s House: The Garage

We continue the tour of God’s house and we go to the place where we keep our tools. OK, we don’t have a garage but we all have a place for our tools. There are even tools for spiritual growth. Today we explore that tool and what spiritual growth actually is.


Sermon: A Tour of God’s House: The Kitchen Table

We continue the tour of Bethel and we move from the front door (of hospitality) to the kitchen table (of Christ Centered Community). Listen in and hear the biblical value of eating together. Oh and Bacon.