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Dear Church…Love

We begin a new sermon series called, “Dear Church…” where we will spend time looking at the most important things the church should be about. We begin with love. Everything we do is informed by love. Note: the first few seconds were cut off but you’ll get what I am talking about.


Ordinary People, Extraordinary Moments: Joseph

We look at another ordinary person who was led to an extraordinary moment… Jesus’ step-dad Joseph. He wanted nothing to do with this moment but God helped him out. Maybe you’re not ready for your next step of faith but God will guide the way.


Ordinary People, Extraordinary Moments: Zechariah

We begin a new series entitled “Ordinary People, Extradordinary Moments.” God uses ordinary regular people and leads them to extraordinary moments. Today we begin with a regular guy named Zechariah who experienced real life disappointment yet God does something extraordinary.