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Sermon: Baptism is Our Reminder

Today we heard the story of Jesus’ baptism. Why is baptism so important? We take the time to explore the importance of this sacrament and how it is “tied” to Jesus. I had the most moving encounter that brought this truth home to me this past week.

Sermon: Two Kids in the Bible

We are still in the season of Christmas and we hear two stories about children in the Bible. These stories and stories like them point to a larger reality. Also the descriptions of Samuel and Jesus help us move forward in 2019.

Sermon: Christmas 2018: The Hopes and Fears of All the Years

I am reminded of the last line of the first verse of “O Little Town of Bethlehem” where Christ meets us in both our hopes and our fears. Merry Christmas and God bless you!

Sermon: Getting Ready for the Holidays: Part 4

Today (on the last day of Advent) we finish the sermon series on “Getting Ready for the Holidays”! Just in time! What is the last thing on our list to get ready for the holidays (and our spiritual growth)? Listen and find out!

Sermon: Getting Ready for the Holidays: Part 3

We continue on in our Advent journey as we get ready for the holidays. After we clean up and stock up…what’s next? Listen in and find out! Oh and another round of Family Feud!

Sermon: Getting Ready for the Holidays: Part 2

We continue to look at ways to spiritually getting ready for Christmas AND our future! Yes, we play another round of Family Feud too! Once we do a little cleaning there is a “next step.” Find out what that next step is!

Sermon: Getting Ready for the Holidays: Cleaning Up

We begin this Advent season with a sermon series about getting ready for Christmas. The same things we do to prepare to have company at Christmas we can do spiritually to get ready for Jesus. Oh and we play Family Feud too!

Sermon: Do We Really Want What Jesus Offers?

As the title states, I am not really sure we want what Jesus offers. If that sounds unbelievable, listen in and decide for yourselves. Is it possible that Jesus knows what we need more than we do? I think so.

Sermon: Judging Others: Are You Sure You Want to Go There?

Today’s message is a companion to last week’s message regarding loving your enemy. We are hard wired to judge others. Maybe we need a software update. Jesus gives us a reason to pause and evaluate. This is not about salvation but an important lesson in living out our faith.