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Sermon: More Than Happy: The Joy of Imitation

We continue the sermon series in the book of Philippians where we discover in chapter 2 that there is joy in being like-minded and following Christ’s lead in how he treated people.

Sermon: More Than Happy: The Joy of Connection

We begin a new sermon series looking at Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi. Paul has an overwhelming joy in the face of grim circumstance. We have something to learn from this letter over the next 4 weeks.


Sermon: Helicopters, Beach Balls and Servanthood

Why would any one volunteer at church and serve? There are many reasons and they all point to a better life. Listen in and find out why! Click here for the slides used on the screen: Serving Others

Sermon: Practice Not Perfect

We spend a little time looking at the theme of the Labor Day Retreat… Practice Not Perfect. We also hear about how this change help us through any storm of life.

Sermon: The Essential Teachings of Jesus

Today we hear Jesus tell us that God’s family is connected to Him even when we don’t feel it. Jesus never lets go. He is as persistent as vine that won’t stop growing and we are his branches.

Sermon: The Essential Teachings of Jesus: Stuff

We continue looking at some of the essential teachings of Jesus. In this message we hear what Jesus’ perspective on greed and our preoccupation with possessions.

Sermon: The Essential Teachings of Jesus: Intentions

We won’t say it but we wonder what are God’s intentions for us? Sure there is Jesus but can we really trust God to show up in times of trouble? Jesus dares us to ask God and more to find out if that is true.

Sermon: The Essential Teachings of Jesus: Love

We are in week two of a sermon series on The Essential Teachings of Jesus. Last week Dave Denny talked about forgiveness. This week I pick up and talk about the love of God. The problem is that we really don’t believe it.

Sermon: 5 Things I Learned at Vacation Bible School (2018)

Today I talk a little bit about the challenges of our school to begin with. Amazingly enough, our Vacation Bible School theme reminds us that God cares and will help us.

Sermon: David: The Unlikely Move

Today we finish the series on King David’s early years. He makes an unlikely move that is unsavory. But there is good new for us! We will spend a little time on shame and guilt and how break free from it!