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Sermon: Palm Sunday: What Kind of King?

Today is an important day in church history. We get a glimpse of a different kind of king. What kind of leader do you want in your life? This is the week to think about such things.


Sermon: Journey Toward the Promised Land: God is at Work

We come to the end of this sermon series and this journey. We see God at work behind the scenes and a talking donkey. How could it get any better?!?

Sermon: Journey Toward the Promised Land: Priorities and Change

We continue in the series and the people of Israel come to the edge of the Promised Land. Will they respond to God’s invitation? Jesus talks about invitations too. This is a question of priorities.

Sermon: Journey Toward the Promised Land: Spiritual Growth

We continue on in the journey of the Israelites. Today we discover something totally amazing: God is moving us toward a committed relationship. We even discover the path through the Israelites. Listen in, you might be surprised.

Sermon: Journey Toward the Promised Land: Nostalgia->Complaining-> Worry

We continue the Israelite journey toward the Promised Land. Food becomes an issue but it is also nostalgia that leads to complaining that leads to worry. Jesus has something to say to us about this pattern.

Sermon: Journey Toward the Promised Land: It is Not About the Water

Today we begin a new sermon series. We will be spending the next 5 weeks looking at stories of the exdous of Israel as they make their way to the Promise Land. We begin with the need for water. But it is not about the water.

Sermon: Jonah 4: Still Not Getting It

We finish the book of Jonah today and it is an awkward uncomfortable ending. Jonah regresses and we finally see his heart and it is not pretty. In Jonah 4 we discover that we should not be like Jonah and that a hard heart will prevent us from seeing spiritual truth.

Sermon: Jonah 3: Starting Over

We continue in the study of Jonah and something amazing happens when Jonah obeys… things go better for him! Same is true for us too. Listen how we can apply Jonah’s story and Proverbs 3:5-6 to our lives.

Sermon: Jonah 2: Slow Down

We continue on in the story of Jonah. In chapter 2 we find Jonah in the belly of a big fish. After 3 days he calls out to God in prayer. What took him so long? This chapter reminds us to slow down and check in with God.

Sermon: Jonah 1: Unintended Consequences

We begin a part series on the book of Jonah. This is not just a kid’s story. Every decision has consequences but God never gives up on us. Oh and the picture below is integral to the sermon…