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Sermon: Romans 12: Surrendered

We continue on in Pastor Paul’s letter to the church of Rome and he writes that we should surrender ourselves to God in light of all that He has done. I will talk about what he has done and how to surrender oureselves to the love of Jesus.

Sermon: Romans 7: Not Condemned

As we move forward into chapter 7 in Paul’s letter to the church of Rome we hear about rules and commandments. Paul reminds us of their proper place and it has nothing to do with God’s love for us… no more performance theology.

Sermon: Romans 3: God Provides a Way

We continue on in Paul’s letter to the church of Rome. Today, we get to the heart of the good news of God’s love. There is a lot to learn but by the end you will know the what, how and why of God’s intention for all of us.

Sermon: Pentecost: We Are Never Alone

It is Pentecost Sunday and we remember the giving of the Holy Spirit to the early church. As Lutherans we are unsure about the Holy Spirit. We need to change that! The Spirit does so much for us and Jesus tells us as much. Listen in!

Sermon: Doing Life Together: Generosity

We finish our series on the core values of Bethel. Today we spend time examining the most challenging of our values… generous giving. LIsten and discover how living from the attitude of abundance can grow your faith.

Sermon: Doing Life Together: Responding to the Needs of Others

Last week we talked about spiriutal growth and out of spiritual maturity comes the ability and willingness to help others in need. We hear another song to illustrate this point, an oldie… but a goodie.