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Sermon: 2019 Theme Verse: Love

We take a look at Bethel’s 2019 theme verse on love today. This has huge theological implications for us as Christians. This was brought home to us in the decisions made at the Methodist Church conference last week. Click here for the notes:

Sermon: Daniel 3: What to do When the Heat is On

Continuing on in Daniel, we hear how the king of Babylon builds a golden statue that everyone is commanded to worship… or else. There is much to learn from Daniel’s friends and even Nebuchadnezzar. Listen in!

Sermon: Daniel 2: When You are Asked to do the Impossible

We move on to the 2nd chapter of Daniel and he quickly discover his next challenge. He is asked to do the impossible. His life depends upon how he responds. There is much to learn from this terrifying story!

Sermon: Daniel 1: When You are Pressured to Conform

We begin a new sermon series on the life of Daniel. We will spend the next 6 weeks looking at the Old Testament prophet. He is truly unshakable. We will learn how to be unshakable too. We begin with Daniel being pressured to conform and teaches us something about how to respond in those situations.

Sermon: Baptism is Our Reminder

Today we heard the story of Jesus’ baptism. Why is baptism so important? We take the time to explore the importance of this sacrament and how it is “tied” to Jesus. I had the most moving encounter that brought this truth home to me this past week.