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Sermon: Love: Not What We Want to Hear

It is the Sunday before Election Day and the divisiveness is at an all time high. We need to hear from Jesus and what he has to say about hate and the practical repsonse to what is ailing us as a nation and as individuals. Click here to see the sermon slides:

Sermon: Reformation 2018: Cleaning Up Messes

As a Lutheran we remember Martin Luther and the beginning of something called the Protestant Reformation. But there is a deeper issue… messes that need to be cleaned up and a little something called truth. Learn how we can be a part of cleaning up messes in this ugly world. Screen shots found here:

Sermon: Love in the 21st Century

What does sharing God’s love look like in the 21st century? Just ask Rachel (my wife). Seriously. Ask my wife. She exemplifies this in a story I share about her in this message. The slides can be by clicking on this link:

Sermon: More Than Happy: The Joy of Provision

We finish the series on Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi. Today we see that expressing our joy at knowing Jesus should have a measure of gentleness too. Why? Listen in and find out. Also, there is a bonus song from The New Life Band from Tanzania at the end of the message.

Sermon: More Than Happy: The Joy of Faith

We continue our look at Philippians. Today we dig into chapter 3 where we find that we can rejoice more when we grasp an undiluted faith. What does that mean? Listen and find out!

Sermon: More Than Happy: The Joy of Imitation

We continue the sermon series in the book of Philippians where we discover in chapter 2 that there is joy in being like-minded and following Christ’s lead in how he treated people.

Sermon: More Than Happy: The Joy of Connection

We begin a new sermon series looking at Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi. Paul has an overwhelming joy in the face of grim circumstance. We have something to learn from this letter over the next 4 weeks.


Sermon: Helicopters, Beach Balls and Servanthood

Why would any one volunteer at church and serve? There are many reasons and they all point to a better life. Listen in and find out why! Click here for the slides used on the screen: Serving Others

Sermon: Practice Not Perfect

We spend a little time looking at the theme of the Labor Day Retreat… Practice Not Perfect. We also hear about how this change help us through any storm of life.

Sermon: The Essential Teachings of Jesus

Today we hear Jesus tell us that God’s family is connected to Him even when we don’t feel it. Jesus never lets go. He is as persistent as vine that won’t stop growing and we are his branches.