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Sermon: Pentecost: We Are Never Alone

It is Pentecost Sunday and we remember the giving of the Holy Spirit to the early church. As Lutherans we are unsure about the Holy Spirit. We need to change that! The Spirit does so much for us and Jesus tells us as much. Listen in!

Sermon: Doing Life Together: Generosity

We finish our series on the core values of Bethel. Today we spend time examining the most challenging of our values… generous giving. LIsten and discover how living from the attitude of abundance can grow your faith.

Sermon: Doing Life Together: Responding to the Needs of Others

Last week we talked about spiriutal growth and out of spiritual maturity comes the ability and willingness to help others in need. We hear another song to illustrate this point, an oldie… but a goodie.

Sermon: Doing Life Together: Christ Centered Community

We continue in our series on how we do life together at Bethel. Christ Centered Community needs to be tended to because “it doesn’t just happen.” Listen in and find how we can do that. Also… some great music!

Sermon: Doing Life Together: Hospitality

We continue on in the sermon series of “Doing Life Together.” Last week we unveiled the new logo at Bethel and this week I talk about the importance of hospitality. Oh and I deputized the congregation during the sermon.

Sermon: Doing Life Together: A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

We begin a new series today entitled “Doing Life Together”. We begin with a surprise! A new logo for Bethel Lutheran Church. In this message, you will hear the reasons for a new logo and what it means. You can see this logo on our website at