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Sermon: Greatest Sermon Ever- Building a Life of Impact

We finish up looking at the Greatest Sermon Ever, the “Sermon on the Mount.” Jesus encourages those who hear these words to put them into practice. He likens it to building a house on a rock and not sand. I try to unpack what that actually means for us today.

Sermon: Best Sermon Ever- Love the Yucky People

We continue on in the “Sermon on the Mount” and we hear a radical message of love… even the yucky people and “those people.” It is a challenge. The message is simple but the task is not easy.

Sermon: Best Sermon Ever- Salt & Light

We continue looking at Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Today: Salt & Light. There is a reason Jesus mentions these two metaphors after the Beatitudes. We are salt and we are light for today and for tomorrrow.

Sermon: Best Sermon Ever–Being Blessed

It has been an wild week in the United States and I turned back to scripture for grounding. I am reminded of what it means to follow Jesus and who curries divine favor from God. Curious? Listen in and find out.


Sermon: Unmet Expectations

We all have had expectations that didn’t pan out. For me it was Sea Monkeys that I ordered out the back of a comic book. What happens when our expecatations of God differ from God’s actual agenda? I try to sort that out…

Sermon: Refined

What does “My Fair Lady” and finishing school have to do with the plans of God? It all has to do with refinement. You will also hear what God wants to skim off of your life. It may not be what you think,

Sermon: What to do with the Gargoyles

I read a story to our children titled, “God Bless the Gargoyles.” I incoporated part of that story in the sermon. Who are the gargoyles in this world and how do we treat them?


Sermon: A Chance to Live Differently

We begin the new year with a horrifying story from the Bible. It would be easier to ignore it and look at nicer stories. Although we can’t change the past, we can learn from it and affect our future. Listen in as I try to make sense of this sad moment in history.

Sermon: A Different Kind of Christmas Story

We’ve heard from all the usual suspects this Advent season. Are we done? Not yet. The Gospel of John has a story to tell us about Jesus.