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Sermon: Holiday To-Do List: Wrap Someone in Love

We continue remaking our holiday to-do list. If we are going to be fully present in someone’s life, we still need to wrap that presence in something. We wrap it in love. When do something else happens. LIsten in and find out what that is.

Sermon: Holiday To-Do List: Be Present

The season of Advent has begun and the countdown to Christimas is underway. Instead of buying too many presents, let us be fully present in the lives of others.

Sermon: Christ the King: I am a Goat

We end the church year with Christ the King Sunday. I talk about the parable of Jesus in Matthew 25 where the King separates the sheep people from the goat people. Which one are you? I think I am a goat. It may not be as bad as you might think.

Sermon: What is Beyond Our Gaze: Hell

This is the second of a 2 part sermon series on eternity. Today we hear a little bit about      H-E-Double Hockey Sticks. We have nothing to worry about as the children of God.

Sermon: What is Beyond Our Gaze: Heaven

As we approach the end of the church year in two weeks, Pr. Ben is taking a look at eternity today and next week. First up: Heaven. Listen in and hear about what the Bible says about Heaven.

Sermon: Want to be a Saint?

Today is All Saints Sunday and I spend some time explaining what a saint is and how we all can be saints. In the process, I confess to two crimes I committed while I was traveling. You don’t want to miss this confession.

Sermon: Reformation 500: Truth

The sermon series comes to a conclusion today on Reformation Sunday. We hear about the heart of the Reformation itself and the words Luther used to stand up for truth.


Sermon: Reformation 500: In Luther’s Words- Why Take Communion?

We continue to look at the words of Martin Luther. Today we examine who is worthy to come to the Lord’s Supper. St. Paul seems to say one thing, Martin Luther says something else. Listen in and hear how we reconcile the two possible points of view.

Sermon: Reformation 500: In Luther’s Words- Do Not Be Alone

As we continue to hear the words of Martin Luther, we are reminded to surround ourselves with Christians when we are feeling down and want to stay in bed with the blankets over our heads. Listen in as I explain why it is important to stick together in times of trouble.

Sermon: Reformation 500: In Luther’s Words- Now What?

Martin Luther reminds us that we don’t have the ability to earn God’s favor. Yet God chose us out of His love. Since we don’t have to worry about our standing with God, now what? This the question I will answer in this message.