Article: What I am doing in Illinois

Right now, I am at Leadership Lab. It is a leadership laboratory for Christian students to grow in faith and acquire leadership skills. I’ve been a part of this one week a year “camp” for 34 years or about 70% of my life. 

I personally witness changed lives year after year… including my own. I am fairly sure I wouldn’t be a pastor if my father didn’t make me go to Leadership Lab. Thanks dad!

On Sunday night, one of the directors I work with (and took to Leadership Lab for the first time as a student in 1999) provided us with some statistics to show us the importance and impact of a camp like experience.

One week of Leadership Lab is equivalent to:

  • 28 hours of youth group meetings =  3-6 months of youth group meetings
  • 17 meals with loved ones/mentors/youth leaders/pastors 
  • 22 hours of worship = 5 months of regular worship 

Building relationships and community take time. You need least 8 hours of face time with a person or a group to build community. In church that would mean:

  • 8 weeks of worship
    • 4-8 weeks of youth group meetings 
    • One lock in or mini-retreat
    • Or just Monday and Tuesday of Leadership Lab 

This is an intensive and action packed week… devoted to building up the church and future leaders. 

I wish I could bottle what we do here and bring it home… but alas I cannot do that. I do however thank you for your support as I serve the larger church. 

God bless you,
Pr. Ben


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