Article: Perfect Fit

In 1959, Thomas Hoving, of New York’s Metropolitan Museum, purchased an ornate ivory cross from a Yugoslavian art collector for the museum. However, the cross wasn’t from Yugoslavia, it was from England and it was old. The cross is dated to c. 1150 AD. 

This altar cross contains ninety-two figures and ninety-eight inscriptions. The detailed iconography on this cross is unrivaled in Christian art.

It has often been suggested that the cross comes from the English abbey at Bury Saint Edmunds in Suffolk. 

Upon closer inspection, there are five tiny holes on the cross that suggest there was more to this unbelievable piece of religious art. There was speculation that a carving of Jesus hung on the cross, creating an luxurious crucifix.

Ten years later, in 1969, that a Swiss art historian by the name of Florens Deuchler, discovered that the 7 1/2-inch figure of Christ in the Oslo Museum fit perfectly into the five holes drilled for it on the Metropolitan Museum’s cross. Although the Christ figure had been damaged over the years, it was a perfect fit.

As we enter into Holy Week, remember that Jesus was perfect fit for his cross. Of all the people who have lived, only Jesus had the power die and then rise from his grave. Only Jesus is God in the flesh and could give his life as a ransom for many (Mark 10:45).

Only the divine blood of Jesus could cover the brokenness of our deeds (Romans 3:25). 

Only Jesus could fix what people ruined at the beginning of human history (Genesis 3:6).

See, only Jesus is a perfect for the cross.

I encourage you to spend time this week pondering the greatest gift given to humanity: a second chance. 

Join us on Palm Sunday as we celebrate Jesus as one who will save us.

Join us on Thursday as we celebrate the gift of Communion and connection given in upper room with the disciples before Jesus’ arrest.

Join us on Good Friday as we remember the gruesome death of Jesus on that cross for our benefit.

And join us for the celebration of Easter that reminds us that death and separation does not get the final word! Love always speaks last.

God bless you as we journey through Holy Week together,

Pr. Ben