Sermon: Transformation Explained

Paul of the New Testament talks about the reason we should engage in Spiritual Growth and one of the possible ways we can cultivate a growing faith. Listen in as I help apply Romans 12 to our lives.

2 thoughts on “Sermon: Transformation Explained

  1. Your sermon on Sunday (August 27. 2017) was very inspiring. I can see why you said that only a Christian may be able to understand the meaning of its content. Being Native American with a Christian up-bring and teachings, I listened to you sermon very closely to understand what it was you were trying to say. A lot of the content could be analogous to my Native American spiritual and moral beliefs. As for conformity, our people still fight for their right to live the way they want and care for the lands of the Ancient Ancestors. When you mentioned something about self sacrifice, it brought to mind our Warriors who willing give up their lives if necessary for their tribe. This is also true for our Soldiers that defend the United States of America and her interests.
    As a side light, if you were to leave out any reference to God or Jesus or the Bible and just mentioned their teachings or readings, I think you could actually get the Atheists to understand the content from their point of view. You well find that they are very moral and spiritual in that believe in themselves and others. Conformists they are not. As for self sacrificing, they are among the Soldiers that defend the United States of America too.

    1. Hi Gil,
      I meant that in the sense that if someone does not believe in God they will have a hard time living a life of service (living sacrifice). Not that other people don’t do other self-sacrificial things for other reasons! Thanks for the note! PB

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