Sermon: Journey Toward the Promised Land: Spiritual Growth

We continue on in the journey of the Israelites. Today we discover something totally amazing: God is moving us toward a committed relationship. We even discover the path through the Israelites. Listen in, you might be surprised.

2 thoughts on “Sermon: Journey Toward the Promised Land: Spiritual Growth

  1. These sermons have been right on point in our lives these past few weeks. I was kicking and screaming about having to move, I was worried financially, and SAD about moving out from a place with a pool, BUT God knew we were being slaves to that home. Our commutes were hours of our life combined, our expenses were up due to energy usage, etc. I did not see his plan at first and I was angry, I have been asking for forgiveness, and praying to HIM always with thoughts of praise and gratitude. THANK YOU Pastor Ben for being HIS voice, especially these past few weeks, it has put things in view for us and we are very grateful.

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